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Greek Horse VMFA

  The exhibition, which opened February 17, 2018, includes black-and-red-figure vases, and silver coins displaying images of horses in ancient Greece. From legends and myths, such as Pegasos, the winged horse; to the horse in war and hunting; and equestrian sports; the horse was an important part of ancient Greek culture. The beauty and grace… Read more »

Summer Adventures in Taos

People slowly congregated at the edge of the Taos Valley RV park to watch the vast New Mexico sky blush shades of reds, pinks and purples as the sun disappeared behind the distant mountain range. In pairs or groups of three or four – some with coffee mugs in hand sipping their evening brew; others… Read more »

Volcanoes, Lakes & Back Roads

I concentrated on relaxing my shoulders; as my mountain bike and I bounced from one rock to the next. A steady spring rain beat a staccato rhythm on my helmet. I followed the dirt road traveling through verdant valleys, winding between looming snow covered volcanos, and skirting around vast emerald lakes. “Ruta de los 7… Read more »